Learning about the history of the JCI Senate and the U.S. JCI Senate can be time consuming, so we encourage you to get a bottle or cup of your favorite beverage before delving into this. Sources for this section of our site include the Junior Chamber International website and documents produced by numerous individuals over several years, some of which are available for download so you can review them offline.

We fully anticipate that various of our members will submit articles of their own for inclusion in this section or simply suggest that we add things as time goes by. Those additions or suggestions will be implemented as soon as time permits. One page of this section includes links to historical documents, such as minutes of past Board of Directors and other meetings, and some of these documents are very large, running into several megabytes in some cases, which take a very long time to download over a dial-up connection.

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There are 7 named awards presented at the National Meetings.  Each link contains a brief history and the list of the recipients:

Tom Humphrey Memorial Award - Outstanding State President

Donnie Alvis Memorial Award - Outstanding National Vice President

Ira Moser Memorial Award - Outstanding Elected Officer or Ambassador

Ron Robinson Memorial Award - Outstanding Appointed National Officer

Tom Stone Memorial Award - Outstanding State Treasurer

Jim Calder Memorial Award - Outstanding Senator

History of this website

The U.S. JCI Senate would like to express appreciation to JCI Senator Robert E. Holbert #27166, who advocated for and prepared the original site and maintained it for the initial three years. We would also like to thank the Board of Directors of AzTeC,  the community Free-Net in Phoenix, AZ, for allowing the U.S. JCI Senate to use its web servers to house the U.S. JCI Senate Web Information Center during its first five years of development. After that, the site was housed, again for free, on servers belonging to Systems and Methods, Inc. (SMI) in Carrollton, GA until June 2004.

Additional thanks go out to the succession of webmasters following Robert Holbert: Lowell Vahl #40315 until June 2000, Terry Couture #48130 from June 2000 until June 2002, and Larry Pierce #56660 from June 2002 until June 2004.  Larry redesigned the website to offer a more modern look.  In 2003 the U.S. JCI Senate launched the JCI Senate Store, where you can order our products securely paying by check, credit card, or your PayPal account. In June 2004, this site was moved to a different web server and set up as a XOOPS site by webmaster, George Nowell #33085. After George passed away suddenly in 2010, Carrie Spencer #70478 took over the Website in 2011 and did some major redesign of the site.  Lowell Vahl #40315 took over as webmaster in 2012 up to current and there have been several version updates and changes during this time.