It's easy to remember where the Annual Meeting of the US JCI Senate was located in 1972, the year of our formation. But do you remember where the Annual Meeting was in 1973, 1980 or 1992? It isn't all that easy to remember!

Below you will find a by the year list of the locations of the Annual Meetings of the US JCI Senate from 1972 through 2005, to help your memory.

Let the flood of memories begin.

1972   Atlanta, Georgia   1997   Des Moines, Iowa
1973   Minneapolis, Minnesota   1998   Las Vegas, Nevada
1974   San Diego, California   1999   Buffalo, New York
1975   Miami, Florida   2000   Chattanooga, Tennessee
1976   Indianapolis, Indiana   2001   Des Moines, Iowa
1977   Seattle, Washington   2002   Sioux Falls, South Dakota
1978   Atlantic City, New Jersey   2003   Romulus, Michigan
1979   Nashville, Tennessee   2004   Charleston, So. Carolina
1980   Cleveland, Ohio   2005   Grand Island, New York
1981   San Antonio, Texas   2006   St. Charles, Missouri
1982   Phoenix, Arizona   2007   Annapolis, MD
1983   Hartford, Connecticut   2008   Charleston, WV
1984   Atlanta, Georgia   2009   Atlanta, GA
1985   Indianapolis, Indiana   2010    Concord, CA 
1986   Milwaukee, Wisconsin   2011   Lisle, IL 
1987   Reno, Nevada   2012   Altamonte Springs, FL
1988   Richmond, Virginia   2013   Cleveland, OH
1989   Memphis, Tennessee   2014   Baltimore, MD
1990   Louisville, Kentucky   2015   Rochester, MN
1991   Minneapolis, Minnesota   2016   Greensboro, NC
 1992   Portland, OR   2017   Northbrook, IL
1993   Greensboro, NC        
1994   Orlando, Florida        
1995   St. Louis, Missouri        
1996   Lexington, Kentucky        

If you've attended any of these meetings maybe this list will help bring back memories of events or people that you may have forgotten. We hope so.