"Who can believe that 20 years have gone by since the JCI Senate was organized. How vivid the memory of that crowded room in Atlanta, Georgia.I can remember sitting on the floor with my back against the bar. Senators were like sardines in a tin."

"The simple philosophy agreed upon, and the plan for the future, was exciting. The challenge for the new officers was monumental. They were to convince their fellow Senators across America that there was a need for the organization, prove to the Jaycees that our intentions were honorable and supportive, and do all this on their own time and at their own expense. Many Senate officers dug deep and saw the family auto pile up the miles. All too reminiscent of the Jaycee days."

"The future of the Senate will be observed with interest and enthusiasm. Many friendships will be made and matured. Many good times will be shared as fellow Senators re-hash the great memories developed throughout the wonderful Jaycee years."

"I hope you enjoy this publication. We can dedicate it to great past friends, now gone, and a promising future of cultivating new friends."

"Peace be with each of you, good friends."

Daryl R. Watts 20th Anniversary Chairman