Elected: June 1974, in San Diego, California
Other presidential candidates: Daryl Watts, Iowa; Charles Schadle, New Jersey


Robert F. Lindholm      Chmn. of the Board         Virginia
Wayland Quisenberry     Secretary                  Texass
Leo W. Briere           Treasurer                  Illinois
J. Ralph Sowell Jr.     Legal Counsel              Mississippi
Michael Little          MENTORS Editor             South Carolina
Daryl R. Watts          Dir. of Public Relations   Iowa
George Michuda          Special Asst. to the Pres. Illinois
Charles F. Schadle      Dir. of Internal Affairs   New Jersey
James O'Connell         Dir. of Int. Relations     Illinois
James C. Tobias         Dixie V.P.                 South Carolina
Bernard E. Landry       Mid-Atlantic V.P.          New York
Robert Orth             Western V.P.               Kansas
Kenneth Brookbank       North Central V.P.         Wisconsin
Ted R. Landgraf         Mid-America V.P.           Illinois



"Expansion of the U.S. JCI Senate from about 10 states to nearly 40 states affiliated."

"Fighting and winning in Auckland, New Zealand, at World Congress to keep 'God' in the Jaycee Creed."

"The US Jaycees were concerned about what the Senate organization would become since we would have no age limit and could possibly become larger than the US Jaycees. I had two good friends who were president and past president of the US Jaycees from Texas, and I was able to convince them and the US Jaycee Board that we would never be a threat to the Jaycees."

"We designed and had manufactured the first JCI Senate pin."

"Held joint board meeting with US Jaycees and JCI and was successful in getting World Senate Directory published."

We're still had to continue to work hard to make the US Jaycees aware that we were not and would not become any kind of a threat to them. That's a subject that we must be continually aware of, even today.