Elected: June 1975, in Miami, Florida
Other presidential candidates: Leo Briere, Illinois; Charles Schadle, New Jersey


Bill Miller             Chmn. of the Board            Texas
Gary Hogue              Secretary                     Iowa
John Powell             Treasurer                     Texas
Gene Maddox             Legal Counsel                 Iowa
Leo Briere              MENTORS Editor                Illinois
George Michuda          Special Asst. to the Pres.    Illinois
Roger Hildebrand        Dir. of Internal Affairs      Iowa
Chic Lantz              Int. Director                 Indiana
James J. O'Connell      Senate Ins. Coordinator       Illinois
Mel Routt               Natl. Historian               Florida
Kenneth Brookbank       Chaplain                      Wisconsin
Carl Keplinger          Sergeant at Arms              Virginia
Gene Bishop             Vice President                Georgia
Larry P. Olson          Vice President                Illinois
John G. Frew            Vice President                New Jersey
John R. Dionne          Vice President                Rhode Island
James A. Jevens         Vice President                South Dakota
Wayland Quisenberry     Vice President                Texas
Murray Luther           Vice President                Washington
Ray Battaglini          Vice President                Nevada


"I was in attendance at those first meetings in Atlanta when the decision was reached to organize. I had the honor of being sworn in as president in Miami by the JCI World President, Jean-Claude Feraud, of France."

"During my administration, the first US Senate Chaplain was appointed. We held the first Mid-Year meeting in Des Moines, Iowa. Ours was the first US Senate Executive Committee to meet at the JCI Secretariat in Coral Gables."

"My wife Karen, and I, represented the US Senate at World Congress in Amsterdam, and was the first US Senate president to attend the Windsor International Night in Windsor, Ontario."

"The first Historian was appointed during this year. Mel Routt, of Florida, served admirably in this position.

"I did some traveling during this tenure. Most traveling was financed by our own pocketbooks or the states visited. We had no budget for traveling at that time. I remember visiting Illinois, Kentucky, Texas, Washington, North Dakota, and Michigan. I stopped in Tulsa, OK., on the way back from Texas, and spoke to the US Jaycees there. We presented Dick Robinson, US Jaycee president, with his Senate medallion at that time."

"Received the honor of being nominated at the US candidate for the Senator of the Year at the Manila, Philippines World Congress."

"My brother, Don, of Clarion, Iowa, signed me up in Jaycees in 1955. Don is Senator No. 9548. I had the dubious distinction of being elected mayor of my community and took a lot of ribbing from my metropolitan executive committee about 'Greater Eagle Grove', population 4,000."

The early executive committees avoided an awards program as they collectively believed that this would be a carry over from the Jaycee plan."


Our organization appoints its first chaplain. The presence of a supreme being is now a regular part of our organization. We continue to grow and grow in the right dimensions.