Elected: June 1977, in Seattle Washington
Other presidential candidates: Jack Frew, New Jersey.



Gene Bishop             Chmn. of the Board     Georgia
Jim Morton              Secretary              North Carolina
Carl Keplinger          Treasurer              Virginia 
Jay Hodges              Legal Counsel          Oklahoma
Charles Schadle         Conv. Coordinator      New Jersey
Robert Orth             Parliamentarian        Kansas
Troy Wood               Sergeant at Arms       Illinois
Val Koble               Chaplain               Illinois
Mel Muxlow              Vice President         Kansas
William Winter          Vice President         Washington
Ray Noxsel              Vice President         California
Glenn A. Porath         Vice President         Nebraska
Dewitt Shingleton       Vice President         West Virginia
Chuck Fries             Vice President         Illinois
Charlie Stubbs          Vice President         Florida
Myrl D. Nofziger        Vice President         Indiana


"Signed seven states to organization and presented charter certificates to all 49 states with the exception of Oregon, which was not a member."

"Set up liaison with US Jaycees with first representation being Joe Dolan who was the first Senatorship given by the US JCI Senate."

"Started the $ 1,000 Crew fund, raising funds for the US Jaycee Archives Foundation and was able to get Senators to present the US Jaycees Foundation over $ 50,000. Was an ex-officio member of the Archives Foundation."

"Traveled to 39 states and three foreign countries as president, attending 39 conventions of Jaycees and Senators."

"Started presidential workshop which was held in Wichita, Kansas, at which no member in attendance had to pay hotel room charge or meal cost - only travel."

Was the first, and so far the only, president that was in the US Army at the time he was president."

"I feel it really came together in 1977 - 78 and each preceding president saw their efforts to organize the US JCI Senate finally become a reality, both by the US Jaycees and JCI International. Many doors were opened and the US JCI Senate became a full organization."

"Two of my vice presidents later became presidents of the Senate."

"Thanks for the memories, US Senators."

More states being affiliated with the national organization. Only a few more to go and we're complete. And, with full acceptance by JCI, we are now a full organization.