No. 16436

Elected: June 1979, in Nashville, Tennessee
Other presidential candidates: Unopposed.


Chuck Fries      Chmn. of the Board          Illinois
Dave Habershaw   Secretary                   Rhode Island
Jim Hall         Treasurer                   Ohio
Ron Davis        Legal Counsel               North Carolina
Al Cook          Pres. Asst., East           Florida
LeRoy Nitsch     Pres. Asst., West           Colorado
Ed Hayward       Int. V.P.                   Massachusetts
Ron Chaney       Parliamentarian             Virginia
Charlie Schadle  Sergeant at Arms            New Jersey
Charlie Stubbs   MENTORS Editor              Florida
Bob Lindholm     Historian                   Virginia
Emil Ruzicka     Chaplain                    Nebraska
Bob Scott        Dixie V.P. (1/2 year)       Alabama
B.J. Tubbs       Dixie V.P. (1/2 year)       Tennessee 
Carl Keplinger   Mid-Atlantic V.P.           Virginia
Glen Stone       Mid-America V.P.            Michigan
Charlie Welch    New England V.P.            Massachusetts
Dean Bagby       North Central V.P.          Iowa
Dick Juhnke      Northwest V.P. (1/2 year)   Montana
Mack Isley       Central W. V.P. (1/2 year)  Washington
R.J. Montgomery  Central W. V.P. (1/2 year)  Texas
Jim Gerke        Southwest V.P.              Nevada



"Completed incorporation of US JCI Senate."

"Held the first US JCI Senate sponsored prayer breakfast at TOYM in 1980."

"Held our fall executive committee meeting at JCI in Coral Gables, Florida. Only US JCI Senate meeting ever held there."

"The only year MENTORS ever made a profit ($ 0.94 without any dues contributions)."

Complete revision of Constitution and Bylaws from front to back."

"Had a 'Hell of a lot of fun!'."

"Held the first 'Amen' party outside the U.S. It was in Sweden and the impact from that may still be felt. (Ha-Ha Joke)."

We accomplished a lot of administrative functions for our organization. And, MENTORS made a profit. "Who'd uh thunk it"!