Elected: June 1982, in Phoenix, Arizona
Other presidential candidates: LeRoy Nitsch, Colorado.


Emil Ruzicka       Chmn. of the Board     Nebraska
Jen J. Holm        Int. Vice President    Wyoming
Bob Egolf          Secretary              Indiana
Don Goerger        Treasurer              North Dakota
Jay S. Reese, M.D. Legal Counsel          Florida
Jim Luff           Pres. Asst. (East)     Maryland
Alan Brock         Pres. Asst. (Central)  Tennessee
LeRoy Nitsch       Pres. Asst. (West)     Colorado
B.J. Tubbs         Sergeant at Arms       Tennessee
LeRoy Ingram       Int. V.P. Asst.        Texas
Charlie Gouveia    Mtg. Coordinator       Illinois
Bob Lindholm       Historian              Virginia
Bob Phillips       Chaplain               New Jersey 
Weldon Greenberg   MENTORS Publisher       Illinois
Ray Baskette       Parliamentarian        Georgia
Ed Townsend        Products               Illinois
Norm Wilkerson     US Jaycee Liaison      Delaware 
Bob Hunt           JCI Liaison            Florida
Ed Hayward         Amb. to Canada         Massachusetts
Alex Baca          Amb. to Mexico         California
Chuck Fries        Pres. Adv. Council     Illinois
Jim Hall           Pres. Adv. Council     Ohio
Val Koble          Pres. Adv. Council     Illinois
Wayne Matlock      Bylaws                 Kansas
Bill Vishey        Bylaws                 Missouri
Dave Habershaw     Hartford Conv.         Rhode Island
John McAuliffe     Hartford Conv. Prog.   Connecticut
Ben Johnston       Dixie V.P.             Alabama
Carl Keplinger     Mid-Atlantic V.P.      Virginia
Doug Hincker       Mid-America V.P.       Michigan
John Bunnell       New England V.P.       Connecticut
Leon Straub        North Central V.P.     Wisconsin
John Davison       Northwest V.P.         Alaska
J.R. Montgomery    Central West V.P.      Texas
Herb Easley        Southwest V.P.         Arizona



"We doubled the dues from $ 1.50 to $ 3.00 with the $ 1.50 earmarked for publications which led to the development of the current day MENTORS (started a year later in 1984)."

"We traveled to 37 states and eight foreign countries during the year."

"Developed a strong relationship with the Philippines Jaycees spending a week before the Korean World Congress in the Philippines."

"During the year I lost my mother to cancer. One and one-half years later, I lost two of my board members, Bob Egolf and Bob Phillips, and my father."

"Developed the rebate system from the US Jaycees from the annual meeting for the Senate registrations."

"We met with Prime Minister Nakasone of Japan, Prime Minister Caesar Virata of the Philippines, Philippine Defense Minister, Simon Medalia, and Mayor of Manila, Ramon Bagaising."

"We had the second Past President's breakfast in Hartford - the first was in Phoenix. At both breakfasts we had speakers who dealt with the subjects of economics, agriculture and banking."

"Attended lots and lots of meetings and made lasting friendships with State Jaycee presidents and established programs for State Senate organizations to help send those state Jaycee presidents to a World Congress - Korea, then Taiwan."

A 100% dues increase! It took a lot of courage for this years BOD to bring off something like that. We had just gotten the 50th state to become a part of the national organization and then we hit them with a 100% dues increase. It was needed to fund MENTORS, but it still took a lot of courage and a lot of salesmanship to make it happen. A growing pain that we all had to suffer, but it was for the betterment of our organization.