No. 22200

Elected: June 1984, in Atlanta Georgia
Other presidential candidates: Don Goerger, South Dakota.


Jim Luff             Chmn. of the Board  Maryland
Wayne Matlock        Executive V.P.      Kansas
Art Butler           Secretary           Rhode Island
Tony Dominiec        Treasurer           Texas
Rich McCarthy        Region I V.P.       Massachusetts
John Lasko           Region II V.P.      New Jersey
Neil Dorsey          Region III V.P.     Maryland
Randall D. Croft III Region IV V.P.      North Carolina
Val Koble            Region V V.P.       Illinois
Earl Sawyer          Region VI V.P.      Missouri
Lanny Heater         Region VII V.P.     Arkansas
Dan Heirschberg      Region VIII V.P.    Colorado
Al Rickard           Region IX V.P.      Wyoming
Bill Buck            Region X V.P.       Arizona 


"Probably the most significant accomplishment of the year was a membership growth of over 30% to 5,600 members. This was accomplished by a group of dedicated states presidents and executive committee members who decided to let everyone know what a great organization the US JCI Senate had become and asked them to come along and enjoy the fun."

"We also instituted a number of fiscal and administrative systems that helped our growing organization run more efficiently. Among those were quarterly dues billing, annual external financial audit, state officer training program, policy for national officer visits and Art Butler's 'Easy to Read and Explained' Constitution and Bylaws."

"Most fun might have been the 'A Team.' Those zany Senators with 'Awful' nicknames who believed that you could have fun and make dreams a reality. Together, I believe that we made 1984 - 85 a turning point for the organization. The continued success you see today is built on the foundation laid during that year."

Now we are really growing. 30% growth in one year. Tremendous. And, we're having fun at the same time. The "A" team. Those were fun days.