No. 14783

Elected: June 1985, in Indianapolis, Indiana
Other presidential candidates: Unopposed.


Doug Hincker     Chmn. of the Board  Michigan
Bill Buck        Executive V.P.      Arizona
Randy Croft      Secretary           North Carolina
Tony Dominiec    Treasurer           Texas
Dick Stolkner    Region I V.P.       Maine
Doug Sandburg    Region II V.P.      New York
Steve Pindell    Region III V.P.     Maryland
Art Kierstead    Region IV V.P.      South Carolina
Ron Robinson     Region V V.P.       Ohio
Bob Carothers    Region VI V.P.      Missouri
Harold Richards  Region VII V.P.     Tennessee
Dennis Johnson   Region VIII V.P.    Colorado
George Fraser    Region IX V.P.      Oregon
Larry Sheeler    Region X V.P.       Nevada
David Habershaw  MENTORS Editor      Rhode Island
Larry Miller     Chaplain            Florida
Bill Miller      Legal Counsel       Virginia
Mike Brown       Amb./South America  Nevada
Alex Baca        Amb./Mexico         California
Leon Straub      Amb./Canada         Wisconsin
Ed Hayward       Amb./Europe         Massachusetts
Ben Makaea       Amb./Asia           Hawaii



"Our organization was just coming off the largest membership growth year we ever had. The membership was eager to start doing something and doing something we did. A great need was noticed in our relationship with other countries around the world. Special emphasis was placed on our ambassadors' program."

"Ambassadors were increased from four to five and we applied with the US Government for recognition as 'World Ambassadors.' Our goal was to promote our country through our Senate program. In July, 1995, we obtained from the US Government the official status of 'Goodwill Ambassadors'."

"Later, under the leadership of Ambassador to Mexico, Alex Baca, the US Senate was able to assist the Mexican Jaycees in establishing a JCI Senate program in their country. Because of the close relationship between the two Senate organizations, a relief fund was established after the Mexico City earthquake disaster. Approximately $ 1,600 was raised by the US Senators. US executive vice president, Bill Buck, and Arizona Senate president, Steve Lopez, contributed greatly to both these projects."

"With the rapid growth of the US Senate organization, it became necessary to establish a Constitution and Bylaws committee to study possible revisions. Art Butler was chairman. The committee report was presented in March, 1986, and the revised Constitution and Bylaws were approved in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in June, 1986."

"Another accomplishment was the establishment of the US JCI Senate Foundation. The primary purpose of the Foundation was to give financial assistance to some deserving high school senior to further their education. The Foundation was incorporated in Virginia and the bylaws were approved in Milwaukee. Doug Hincker was the first president."

"As in previous years the MENTORS continued to be the strong voice of the US Senate, reaching over 6,100 US members and approximately 200 foreign Senators. The editor this year was David Habershaw from Rhode Island."

"The organization this year experienced a nine percent membership increase and I had the privilege of visiting 30 states and four foreign countries promoting the US Senate."

This year we became an international organization. More ambassadors to more foreign countries created more international relations for our organization. That, along with the formation of the Foundation, prove that we are becoming the kind of an organization that we can all be very proud of.