Elected: June 1988, in Richmond, Virginia
Other presidential candidates: Ed Hayward, Massachusetts.


Larry Sheeler   Chmn. of the Board  Nevada
Michael Harris  Admin. V.P.         North Carolina
Alex Baca       Secretary           California
James Rose      Treasurer           New Jersey
Roger Stone     Region I V.P.       New Hampshire
Marty Touhy     Region II V.P.      New Jersey
David Ingram    Region III V.P.     Virginia
Alan Hancock    Region IV V.P.      Georgia
Bruce Geddes    Region V V.P.       Ohio
Mike Moritz     Region VI V.P.      Missouri
Jim Henshaw     Region VII V.P.     Tennessee
Ron Bradley     Region VIII V.P.    Kansas
Hap Hilbish     Region IX V.P.      Idaho
Don Ghareeb     Region X V.P.       Arizona


"1988 - 89 included several firsts for the US JCI Senate. Our Fall Board meeting in Kansas City was the first outside meeting bid and hosted by a JCI Senate State. With attendance of over 220, it was a huge success and has been used as the pattern for subsequent meetings. Keith Goodwin, President of the Australian JCI Senate, was a special guest in Kansas City. Our Winter Board in Tulsa was held in a separate location for the first time. The delegates in Tulsa were addressed by both US Jaycee President, Andy Tobin, and the JCI Secretary General."

"Our US JCI Senate committed to, and raised, $ 5,000 during the year for our second five-year pledge to fund the Junior Chamber International President's office, the Giessenbier Room. Chaired by past president, Bob Hunt, the project raised the funds from our member states in less than six months."

"While I traveled to all ten JCI Senate Regions, attending meetings in 27 states, two of the highlights of the year were the opportunity to represent the US JCI Senate at the JCI World Meeting in Australia, and the Canadian Crew Meeting in Calgary. Carol Ann and I headed a delegation of over 130 JCI Senators, wives, and friends from the United States who spent eight days to three weeks in November of 1988, making friends and enjoying the sights Down Under. We enjoyed having Senator Canadian visitors at all of our National meetings, and especially appreciated the opportunity to visit Western Canada in March of 1989."

"Our membership grew during the year to over 6,500 US JCI Senators involved with our national organization. We completed our year within budget, passing on to the 1989-90 administration of the 18th president, a 50% increase in funds."

Well, we absorbed the dues increase last year and started growing again. And, we've got money in the bank for the next year. A heck of a good year for all involved.