No. 23429

Elected: June 1989, in Memphis, Tennessee
Other presidential candidates: Edward Hayward, Massachusetts.


James Hall           Chmn. of the Board  Ohio
Marty Tuohy          Admin. V.P.         New Jersey
Charles Gouveia      Secretary           Illinois
James Rose           Treasurer           New Jersey
Jack M. Pasquale     Region I V.P.       Connecticut
Lawrence D. Green    Region II V.P.      Delaware
Nick Martin          Region III V.P.     Maryland
Ira Moser            Region IV V.P.      Florida
Hal Krekorian        Region V V.P.       Michigan
Herbert Koerner, Jr. Region VI V.P.      South Dakota
Nick Emmons          Region VII V.P.     Tennessee
Ed White             Region VIII V.P.    Texas
Wm. L. Hilbish       Region IX V.P.      Idaho
J. Chad Anderson     Region X V.P.       Nevada
William F. Miller    Legal Counsel/Parl. Virginia
Ronald G. Bradley    Chaplain            Kansas
Gary Hogue           Historian           Iowa
Michael Harris       MENTORS Editor      North Carolina
Jim Henshaw          Pres. Raffle Chmn.  Tennessee


"1. Made the pledge to the US Jaycees that the Senate would sponsor a memorial room in honor of all US JCI Senators at the Jaycee headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This room was dedicated in January, 1991, by Dave Habershaw, president, and myself."

"2. Encouraged all Senate states to get involved in the First Timers Program on their state levels. This was very successful and nearly 40 states are now participating in this program."

"3. Increased membership to the highest level ever achieved in the US JCI Senate. Goal was 7,000 - ended year with 6,999."

"4. Approached Jaycees about the possibility of Senate running their entire program at National Convention. As of this writing, negotiations through the Future Directions Committee are taking place and hopefully, down the road, this will become a reality."

"5. Was able to get the US Jaycees to upgrade the awarding of Senatorships. They have now passed a requirement that Senatorships will be awarded if the Jaycee has five years of service and is deserving of the award. JCI has a standard of three years, but individual Nom's may set additional standards."

As our membership approaches 7,000, we are able to do more for our members and for the Jaycees, as is shown by the list of activities noted above.