No. 17879

Elected: June 1990, in Louisville, Kentucky
Other presidential candidates: Wm. L. (Hap) Hilbish, Idaho.


Lanny Heater     Chmn. of the Board       Arkansas
Hal Krekorian    Admin. V.P.              Michigan
Nick Emmons      Secretary                Tennessee
Alan Hancock     Treasurer                Georgia
John Suttie      Region I V.P.            Massachusetts
Bob Priddle      Region II V.P.           New York
Donald Alvis     Region III V.P.          Virginia
Jerry Godwin     Region IV V.P.           South Carolina
Kyle Wright      Region V V.P.            Indiana
John Sprole      Region VI V.P.           Iowa
John Hayes       Region VII V.P.          Louisiana
Don Robertson    Region VIII V.P.         Kansas
Jack Goodlander  Region IX V.P.           Idaho
Jim Bewley       Region X V.P.            California
Ben Makaea       Chaplain                 Hawaii
Ron Robinson     Sergeant at Arms         Ohio
Michael Harris   MENTORS Editor           North Carolina
Joe Sabella      US Jr. Chamb. Liaison    Pennsylvania
Peter Bakos      Jr. Chamb. Int. Liaison  Florida
Art Butler       Aide-de-Camp             Rhode Island


"1. Completion of the $ 5,000 donation to US Junior Chamber's Foundation and establishment/dedication of the US JCI Senate Room at Tulsa, Oklahoma headquarters."

"2. Initiation of a pledge system for US JCI Senate Foundation and raised a good sum during the year for the Foundation."

"3. Donation of $ 1,000 to Junior Chamber International's Foundation to become a Phil Pugsley Patron by the US JCI Senate."

"4. Hosting the first 'sitting' World Senate Chairman, E. Jorge Suncar Morales No. 43169, at our 1991 TOYA Mid-Year meeting."

"5. Coordination of the first Eastern European Jaycee to attend the US Junior Chamber's July Officers Training Seminar, Summer of 1990. We helped pay and pave the way. Otto Nage of Hungary was our guest for three weeks in July."

"6. Assisted the Coconut Grove Junior Chamber present and win their bid in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to host the World Congress in Miami in 1992."

"7. Surpassed the 7,000 membership mark finishing the year with nearly 7,200 official dues paid members."

"8. Conducting/hosting of the inaugural First Timer Senators reception at the Minneapolis annual meeting. This event provided the new Senators, received during the 1990 year, the opportunity to be welcomed into the family of JCI Senators."

We continue to grow as our membership approaches 7,200, and we expand our activities on an International basis. And, we begin a process of officially welcoming new Senators and First Time attendees at our annual meetings. More activities for our membership to participate in.