Elected: June 1991, in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Other presidential candidates: Unopposed.


David Habershaw    Chmn. of the Board  Rhode Island
Wm. "Hap" Hilbish  Admin. V.P.         Idaho
Joe Eller          Secretary           Tennessee
Alan Hancock       Treasurer           Georgia
Bob Driscoll       Region I V.P.       Connecticut
Mark Bursic        Region II V.P.      Pennsylvania 
Donald Alvis       Region III V.P.     Virginia
A.J. Morton, Jr.   Region IV V.P.      North Carolina
Bill Willett       Region V V.P.       Illinois
Bruno "Buzz" Loris Region VI V.P.      Wisconsin
Phil List          Region VII V.P.     Mississippi
Don Robertson      Region VIII V.P.    Kansas
Randy Thom         Region IX V.P.      Montana
Valen Nystedt      Region X V.P.       Nevada
Michael Harris     MENTORS Editor      North Carolina


"Our 20th US JCI Senate year began in Minneapolis with a record turnout of Senators. Several new projects were instituted this year while others were expanded. New programs included First Time Senator, Senate License Plates and a Lionel 20th Anniversary Commemorative Boxcar. The Organ Donor Awareness and Return the Favor programs were expanded as participation in our Senate states increased. Our membership goal was to reach 7,500 and we will finish the year close to reaching this record number of members."

"Two new long range programs were proposed: A Mobile Archives featuring the history of the Jaycees and a permanent Memorial at JCI Headquarters. Both programs are currently in the planning stages. Our National JCI Foundation reached record donations enabling us to provide three scholarships of $ 1,000 each for the first time."

"With the World Congress in Miami this year, the US JCI Senate will host the world Senators in celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Senatorship program. Many activities are currently being worked on."

"My travels this year have covered more than half of our states and four countries. Foreign travel included the World Congress in Helsinki and the European Conference in Geneva. I am proud to have been given the opportunity to serve and represent you as your 20th President. It has been a memorable experience."

More growth and more and expanded programs for our membership. The fact that we add new programs and expand others are the reasons our membership continues to grow. US and World Senators are having fun when they come to a US JCI Senate meeting.