NO. 24442

Elected: June 1992, in Portland, Oregon
Other presidential candidates: Unopposed.


Hal Krekorian      Chmn. of the Board  Michigan
Joe Eller          Admin. V.P.         Tennessee
Jim Ashley         Secretary           California
Don Robertson      Treasurer           Kansas
Jan Baumgardner    Region I V.P.       Massachusetts
Stan Malinsi       Region II V.P.      New York
Bill Cheesman      Region III V.P.     West Virginia
Warren Brown       Region IV V.P.      Florida
Tom Sutherland     Region V V.P.       Ohio
Andy Andrews       Region VI V.P.      Iowa
Travis Boatwright  Region VII V.P.     Louisiana
Tom Anderson       Region VIII V.P.    Colorado 
Darrell Davis      Region IX V.P.      Oregon
Bob Holbert        Region X V.P.       Arizona


Our 21st year started out in the record heat of Portland, Oregon and in some ways the heat remained all year. The Fall BOD was held in conjunction with the Fall Frolic in Falmouth, MA. We were the hosts for the Senators of the world at the congress in Miami. An outstanding job was done by chairman Dave Habershaw, the committee, and the Florida Senate. The January BOD meeting in Tulsa was a very productive one. All too soon, the year was done and we were meeting in Greensboro, NC to start all over again.

During the year the U.S. Senate established it's own electronic bulletin board. A far cry from today's home pages, but a start. We reinforced the Return the Favor and the Organ Donor Awareness programs. The U.S. Senate membership grew again and the treasury was left in a strong positive position for the next year's BOD.

During the year, I was fortunate to travel 44 out of the 52 weekends and to receive the warm hospitality of the Senate wherever I traveled. Although the majority of my trips were to national, state, and regional meetings, I was able to visit Canada, Mexico, England, and the Netherlands. I always thought that Hap Hilbish was an easy name to remember and pronounce, however, I heard it changed every way you can imagine. The most common was to call me Hal, but the best (or worst) had to have been in Texas, where the President of the Texas Senate introduced me as President Hal Hilbershaw.

I look back on my year as your 21st President with pride in what you accomplished and humility in recognition that you chose me to lead this wonderful organization. It is an experience that I will never forget.