NO. 32962

Elected: June 1993, in Greensboro, NC
Other presidential candidates: Unopposed.


Hap Hilbish    Chmn. of the Board
Jim Ashley   Admin. V.P.
Jan Baumgardner   Secretary
Don Robertson   Treasurer
Jack Pasquale   Legal Council
Ed Forbach   Mentors Editor
Stan Malkinski   Parliamentarian
Mike Sawyer   Chaplain
Bob Holbert   Sergeant at Arms
Dave Mason   Region I V.P.
Dick Thomas   Region II V.P.
Frank Butler   Region III V.P.
Michael Harris   Region IV V.P.
Jerry Wendelken   Region V V.P.
Marlin Sanny   Region VI V.P.
Albert Norris   Region VII V.P.
Linn Jones   Region VIII V.P.
Jim Ashford   Region IX V.P.
Doug Meyers   Region X V.P.



Our 22nd year started with a bang at the national convention in Greensboro and ended with an equally exciting time in Orlando. In between there were many good times starting with Camp Joe, in Oak Ridge, TN. Most of all our executive committee had a fun weekend putting together our plan for the year. This was followed by a great September Board meeting held in Denver where our very first Presidents to Presidents meeting, directed by Secretary Jan Baumgardner, was a huge success. In November, it was on to Hong Kong for a fun filled week. In January, we had our midyear Board meeting in Tulsa, which again, proved to be an exciting and productive weekend.

Our 22nd year was highlighted by lively discussions with the U.S. Jaycees and President Matt Shapiro concerning how we could be of assistance to the Jaycees. Needless to say, Joe Sabella, our Jaycee liaison had a busy and exciting year. During the year, we also introduced the first U.S. Jaycee Stein which we hope will become part of a series of steins. This project is very capably handled and marketed by Wayne Keifer. We are also proud of the success and help that we were able to give to the U.S. JCI Senate Foundation. Our Return the Favor program, headed by Buzz Loris, was successful in that we did a tremendous job of helping local and state Jaycee organizations. We were also able to make a substantial contribution to the World Ride Against Cancer, a project endorsed by the Massachusetts Jaycees and the U.S. Jaycees. Our Ambassador programs continued to be highly successful.

For all the good times, there were also some bad times. During the year we lost our first Past National President, Hal Krekorian, who was a very special friend of mine and our organization. He was and always will be remembered as a great Senator and President. We also lost a very dear friend, Donnie Alvis, a longtime Senator who held many positions in the Virginia and the U.S. JCI Senate. Donnie also was a always will be remembered as a great Senator and friend. These two among many others were respectfully remembered during our memorial services held in Orlando.

This year came to a conclusion at a great convention hosted by the Florida JCI Senate in Orlando. This meeting was highlighted by a tremendous banquet where many people were recognized for their efforts and accomplishments during the year. Among those receiving awards were: Jim Brooks, Outstanding State President; Jan Baumgardner, Outstanding Executive Committee; and Jim Harmaty, Outstanding Ambassador.

Connie and I had the opportunity to meet with Senators from all across the nation. We spent approximately 40 weekends socializing with the greatest people on the face of the earth. For this opportunity, we will always be proud and very grateful.