NO. 21969

Elected: June 1994, in Orlando, Florida
Other presidential candidates: Unopposed.


Joe Eller    Chmn. of the Board    TN
Frank Butler   Admin. V.P.   VA
Marlin Sanny   Secretary   NE
Stan Malkinski   Treasurer   NY
Wayne MacDonald   Region I V.P.   NH
Jim Rose   Region II V.P.   NJ
Dan Kimble   Region III V.P.   WV
Jay Edmondson   Region IV V.P.   FL
Alan Pierce   Region V V.P.   IN
Mary Sawyer   Region VI V.P.   MO
Phil List   Region VII V.P.   LA
Dave Jarvis   Region VIII V.P.   KS
Jim Trenary   Region IX V.P.   OR
Steve Dunn   Region X V.P.   CA
Jack Pasquale   Legal Council   IL
Ed Forbach   Mentors Editor   TN
Stan Malkinski   Parliamentarian   OH
Carol McClain   Chaplain   KS
James Holloway   Sergeant at Arm   CT


After being elected as your 23rd President in Orlando, our executive committee met to form the year's plans at a "Camp Flat Top" in Overland Park, Kansas, soon after the national convention.

The most significant accomplishment of the year was getting the relations with the U.S. JC to an all time high. I was the first National U.S. JCI President to attend a state meeting in Alabama, to attend the Caribbean National Convention on the Dutch Antilles Island of Caracas, and make a tour of all the states in Region I. This fourth quarter Region I trip took just over a week and I made positive stops in all of the region states and some more than once.

I traveled to thirty-one states, and to six twice, Canada and to the Caribbean Islands, with few weekends that I could be found at home in Kansas. Our membership grew to a high of 7,450 members. We also helped with the start of the Mission Inn project of the U.S. JC.

I can't thank the U.S. JCI membership enough for giving me the opportunity to serve you as your 23rd President and for the friendships that I made that will last me my lifetime.