Elected: June 1996, in Lexington, KY
Other presidential candidates: Unopposed.


Jim Ashley Chmn. of the Board KS
Mary Sawyer Admin. V.P. MO
Bob Holbert Secretary AZ
Tom Stone Treasurer GA
Mike Bearon Region I V.P. MA
Jim Brooks Region II V.P. PA
John Price Region III V.P. WV
Rolan Jackson Region IV V.P. AL
D. Morgan Jones Region V V.P. OH
Lynn Hecht Region VI V.P. SD
Ray Gilbert Region VII V.P. AR
Dick Loomis Region VIII V.P. KS
Sonny Jones Region IX V.P. OR
Mike Saville Region X V.P. UT
Jack Pasquale Legal Council IL
Ron Whitmore Mentors Editor FL
Nick Martin Parliamentarian MD
Kent Rynier Chaplain AZ
Ken Miller Sergeant at Arms OH



We started the year with high hopes, looking forward to our 25th Anniversary party and continued good relations with our Alma Mater, the U.S. Jaycees. As I take pen in hand, I can only say that time will tell if we accomplished either.

My travels this year included 35 Senate meetings, traveling from Buxton, England to Honolulu, Hawaii; Toronto, Canada to South Padre, TX, with stops in 21 states in between. We attended 8 of the 10 Regional meetings, BOD meetings in San Antonio, TX and Cherry Hill, NJ and served as guest speaker at five(5) Jaycee meetings. Mary Tee and I will never find the words to thank everyone for the friendships and hospitality shown us during our travels this year. We can only say thank you to all the Senators and family members for the love, prayers, and all you did to make our visits so enjoyable.

During the year, many hours were spent negotiating and making arrangements for our Des Moines meeting and the 25th Anniversary party, the Honolulu '97 World Congress hospitality for all of our world Senate friends, the Las Vegas '98 convention and with the U.S. Jaycees. This could almost be called the year of negotiations.

I believe the highlight of our year to be our 25th Anniversary celebration. Although, the highlight of the year for some Senators may have been the opportunity to hit me in the face with a pie at our BOD at Cherry Hill. I have been told by many who did not get the opportunity that they enjoyed watching the event. Along with chairman Bill Potuchek #35278, we had fun and raised money for the U.S. Junior Chamber Mission Inn.

Whatever success we had during our 25th year should be credited to our elected officers and Board of Directors. They served with distinction, dedicating their efforts to preserving the principles upon which our organization was founded. I am proud to have had the honor of serving with them.