Future Directions. What is it? This committee, composed of representative of all ten regions, is responsible to take the Organization as it is today and look to the future and consider changes necessary in order to continue success. In an ever changing society, that is not always an easy task. What the USJCI Senate attempts to do with this committee is to “stay ahead of the curve”. 

….you are charged with governing this organization according to the laws of democracy, under which every person who wishes to speak shall be heard, toward the end that in every matter considered, the best opinion shall prevail through the expressed will of the majority, and the best course of action followed. 

Heard this before? Of course you have. We have all raised our hand to it and many have probably administered it. It is part of the charge of oath of office. I strongly believe in it. As Future Directions Chair, I like to think that we think “outside the box”. But I want your ideas in one. New concept – a suggestion box. Here is every member’s opportunity to have input for the future success of our association. Let us hear from you.    

Phil Friedman #61455, Chair


Ajax Suggestion Box