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How to Use these Forums

Instructions to use this Forum
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Instructions on How to Use these Forums

US JCI Senate Forum – How to use - PDF Document

Anyone can view the posts without logging onto the website. In order to post and reply to messages you will need to log into the website using the “Login” link in the upper right of the menu.
As Webmasters, we consciously moved away from using logins to access parts of our website, but we do feel that this is important to attempt to secure.

If you do not have your login info anymore, email with what you think the username or email is and what you want the password to be reset to.

After you login, you will see two additional links for “Profile” and “Mailbox”. It would be a good idea to fill out some of the info in your profile (at least location).

The “Mailbox” link allows you to read your messages or send a “Private Message” to a username. You can use this form to send your contact information to someone who has posted. In addition to seeing your “Private Message” on the forum, they will receive an email with your message.

If you want to post a message on the Forum, please keep in mind that this Forum is public so email addresses or phone numbers will be seen by everyone. You will notice in the on of the posts, by just listing my username, someone else can send me a message without the whole world having access to my email. Once I receive the private message, I can contact the person outside of the forum.
Another option for contact info might be as is often seen on Craigslist or other forums:
Email: lvahl at cox dot net or phone: 48 zero 3 nine zero 0433

If you are going to Post a message, be sure to check your listed email and also your spam filter frequently in case someone replies.

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