Presidential Sweepstakes Program is the only ways and means project that the US JCI Senate conducts each year. Accounting for over one-third (1/3) of the income of the organization, it is second only to dues as a source of income. The continued success of this program helps ensure the communication and benefits continue to be provided to our members.

Appointed by the National President, the committee is headed by the Chairman who has served a minimum of one year on the committee in previous years. The make-up of the rest of the committee includes the Assistant Chairman, Ticket Chairman, Region’s Party Chairman, and a few Prize Chairmen. The fundraising goal is set by the Finance Committee of the US JCI Senate, dependent upon the needs of the organization to balance the National Budget. The committee is active from the day of elections through the National Annual Meeting.

Each member of the National Organization receives a mailing with 4 Sweepstakes tickets, along with a letter from the US JCI Senate National President and pre-addressed return envelope. Members are encouraged to make a donation to the program, although it is not required to participate in the prize drawings. All completed ticket stubs returned are included in the drawings during the Regions Party, whether or not a donation is included.

** One of the easy ways for states to participate is to run the $5 drawing at their state meetings and events. Have each member who wishes to participate write their Senate number (or other identifying number) on the bill and then collect them. For every $25 collected we are able to give out 2 tickets, or whatever the current national incentive is. Draw the bills out of a bag/hat and the person whose number is on the bill wins a ticket. Continue until all tickets are given out. Don’t forget any current ticket specials when calculating how many tickets to give out with the drawing. States will return the ticket stubs and a check for the money raised to the Ticket Chairman.

We have a great ticket promotion to jump start our year.  Promotion is buy 4 get 5 free.  This is good until September 1st, and the deal will not ever get any sweeter than this. Example for the $5 exercise would then be for every $50 you collect, you give out 9 tickets. So remember, when you receive your 4 tickets in the mail, get them returned with a check for $50 and the Ticket Chair will put an additional 5 tickets into the drawing for you.

   This year we are focusing on increasing the number of prizes available at the year-end convention which will increase everyone’s chances of winning.The Prize Chairs work to secure donations of prizes with a value of at least $100 each. Prizes range from gift cards all the way up to the Grand Prize of $2000 in cash. The possibility of winning these prizes serves as an incentive to members to purchase tickets. The more prizes that are donated, the more people who win. There is also an incentive this year for selling the top prize ticket. That person will also get a prize valued at $100. Future incentives and discounts will be offered throughout the year to encourage participation and sales. These will be publicized in all of the National publications (Mentors Magazine, bi-monthly eNews) as well as at all National Events.

The program culminates with the Region’s Party held at the Annual meeting on the first day of the Convention. Similar to the Jaycee States Party of our past, each Region presents a booth representing the theme set by the Region’s Party Chairman earlier in the year, which incorporates the National President’s theme for the year. After the convention attendees have had the opportunity to visit the booths, the Prize drawings begin. Ticket holders need not be present to win.

Members of the National Executive Committee, Appointees and State Presidents are given a supply of tickets to distribute in their states or during their travels. Extra tickets are available from the Ticket Chairman throughout the year.  

  *** Please send all tickets and monies to Cheryl Carlson THANK YOU!! ***

Cheryl Carlson #70371

P.O. Box 1812

Greenville, NC 28735

If you need more tickets you can contact Cheryl via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Carolyn Smith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..