Think back to your younger days in the Jaycees. Yeah, you remember them – going to meetings, not understanding anything that was going on, yet jumping in feet first and getting involved in everything. As time went on, you began to show some leadership skills, and you probably remember that "elder" member who put his or her arm around your shoulder and started to guide you on your way to Jaycee stardom.

Odds are, that "elder" was a JCI Senator, and they helped shape the Jaycee you were to become. Due to their mentoring, you eventually joined them in the elite group of the best of the best: a JCI Senator.

Now, it’s your time to do the same thing for a young Jaycee in your area, whether that member is in the chapter where you were a Jaycee, or in a chapter in your current home town. Now, it’s time for you to "Return the Favor".

The Return the Favor program is designed to encourage JCI Senators to give back to the organization that helped them become the leaders they are today. As a past National President of the United States JCI Senate worded it, the JCI Senate works in a "Spirit of Cooperation, Not Competition" with the Jaycees, assisting only when asked.

Now, let’s get down to what the Return the Favor (RTF) program really is and is not.

Return the Favor IS

  • A chance to stay involved with the Jaycee organization.
  • A prospect to give back to the organization that meant so much to you in your earlier days.
  • An opportunity to continue to have an impact on the local community.
  • An opening to continue making new friends.
  • An opportunity to have an impact on the development of future leaders.

Return the Favor IS NOT

  • A need to do the work for the Jaycees.
  • A time to take over operation of the local chapter.

There is an organized competition requiring submittals that may be accompanied by a letter of verification from a Jaycee State Officer or local chapter officer. At each National Board meeting an top performers are recognized for their RTF efforts.  Additional information and Nomination Forms are available in the Library.